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UPDATE: Wow, it has been a long time since I have even visited my own site. Today is JUly 31st 2008 that I am here and letting you know I am adding many new things, so come back soon. I plan to add a World Of Warcraft page for all of the WOW fans, of which I am one! I am a level 70 Druid, and suck at PVP, but I can be found in the realm of Anub'arak as Madmaven:)! I am adding a page so plz check back soon if you are a wow fan. I will include some tips, and also blogs on encounters I have had as well as listing my FAVORITE players and also most hated and even ADMIRED enemy players:)

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I have added a very special page, a kids' art gallery. I would love to invite all to please email DIGITALLY CREATED or scanned kids' art to me with proper credits to the artist { I can just use their FIRST name and age if you like, along with any info { state} you may want added. Naturally, I would never disclose your child's location and full name/addresses. BUt if you'd like to submit art by your child, just send it via email to me here at


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