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My Alan Parson's page has been a long time 'a-coming.....and now I have more worthy photos to share than I did from the last concert. I do want to say the usual : all my photos are COPYRIGHTED, by me {digimarc'd}, and they are not SOLD nor used in any way that exploits my subjects. Any use of my photos { for commercial reasons} by anyone other than the Alan Parson's Project is forbidden legally. Thank you.

Now that the legal warnings are over and done, I want to say that NEVER, has a band had such a powerful rush for me as seeing/hearing Alan Parson's live. If you want to see a genius at work, go see ALAN PARSONS !!!!!!! If I were to describe Mr. Parsons in one word, it would be tough to choose between REGAL and GENIUS. He is a regal giant, and for those who do not know, he is the brilliant engineer behind MANY artists big time works, such as PINK FLOYD'S, Dark Side of the Moon.

The power that rushes thru the theater/arena when this group plays is like electrical under-charged currents of thunder. I remain in awe. I will include a CLIP / partial mpeg of THE RAVEN, but only a part out of respect {so as not to distribute their music illegally and unfairly}. BUY their videos, BUY their music. It's money well spent! And go see them if you ever get the chance! Alan engineers his musicians much like everything else he does that turns to gold. Each musician is dynamic and brilliant and he allows them to shine individually.

{yours truly}BACKSTAGE with Alan Parsons
Photo: Martin Heisele {June 14 2007}

above and below: Alan Parsons with PJ OLSSON


STEVE MURPHY: Drums, Vocals

ON stage, P.J.Olsson is alive and vibrant and immersed in the music. When he sang "TIME", his voice floated out and enveloped the audience as we were all bathed in waves of tranquil, blue light. The song made me cry with it's lyrics and the intensity of P.J.'s voice. BACKSTAGE, P.J. is completely self-less, and obviously a man who treasures his family and children in general. He had many who hoped for a few words with him, but he spent over 20 minutes talking to my children. He talked to the kids about his own children and about shows for children. He really made my kids feel important and special, and we'll never forget the time we spent with him backstage. {Thanks P.J!!!!!}

One of the most charismatic members in the group is Godfrey Townsend, and you should check out his site at: here

{Godfrey Townsend {Guitar, vocals}{ signing my shirt}:)

MANNY FOCARAZZO: Keyboards, Vocals



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