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This shot added feb9th} Story behind this shot:Encountered one of the most amazing things I have ever seen! 2 VERY populated nests of baby alligators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I counted between 25-30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was 2 DIFFERENT nests...but gator Mommas have the babies and pretty much have em and they have to feed themselves. Momma has little interaction with the babes EXCEPT to PROTECT them. So when they BEEP...{ like scared puppies}....Momma comes out FAST. It was a gorgeous day.....and I figured after a few days of cold, alligators would be easy to find, sunning themselves on the banks of all the lakes and wherevers, so I went to this wooded place that I love to go to, and I was shootin some egrets that looked so elegant near swamp grasses....and I walked over slowly to get a dusky blue "little blue heron" shot....and heard "beeping". I KNEW that sound....and a few seconds later I heard a bellow unlike any I have ever heard before. You REALLY hafta experience this sound for yourself because words cannot describe it! Even KNOWING thru experience with alligators, what this was, I first likened it to heavy machinery such as a bulldozer, maybe scraping wood or concrete and the motor droning in protest. You can FEEL......YES, FEEEEEEEEL the vibration....and it is just amazing....and this sound, is MOMMA, bellowing. The sound, a gutteral growl deep in her throat, is earth-shaking. Not LOUD....well...loud, but that's not loud in the sense of normal loud..it is POWERFUL. A low bass vibration...like a tuba from hell. I have heard the Mommas' HISS...and that too is an experience....coz they hiss and growl at same time....and you just FEEL it and their mouths open wide.....and you KNOW you best not test her temper. But I always stay....and watch.....and I do not make fast movements. They get used to you and after awhile, they know you have no bad intent. I stayed out there as long as I could, watching these babies coil all over each other. The one Momma's babies were older and approx 2 feet in length, and the other's were way newer and only about the length of an adult hand {maybe longer}. The smaller babies were crawling on the larger ones and chasing dragonflies. A precious moment for me. I love them ! BOTH Mommas stayed OUT of sight, nestled deep in the nesting area, and away from each other and me. The babies grew used to me and never made scared beeping sounds, and just resumed tumbling about and playing. Last year, another Momma and nest, { near same area}, in comparison-was smaller. Only approx 8 babies. In these lakes are otters and then you have the egrets. They EAT baby alligators if given a chance. This is a smart co-op the Mommas have made! With two watchful Moms....this horde of 25-30 babies will maybe only hafta worry about competition for the food, and NOT being food themselves.