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Megaboo's Poem { by: identity with-held because the white coats are looking for her}} I would like to post a poem to go along with the theme of Megaboo's. It's called, simply... Megaboo's Gal Megaboo's Gal, yeah she smelt bad Megaboo's Gal, though, was all he had Megaboo ain't, no great catch Megaboo tries, but he ain't no match Megaboo cries, at night sometimes Megaboo's heard this a thousand times Megaboo, no, says Megaboo's gal I'm a guy, don't you see? I just wanna be pals. Megaboo's shocked, all shocked is he Megaboo's gal, she's a he, she's a he Megaboo runs, to the elevator shaft Megaboo's gal, sits there and laughs Megaboo jumps, and screams just now and Megaboo's gal, grows a heart somehow Megaboo laughs, as the gal jumps after Megaboo smiles, when the gal hits the rafter Megaboo stuck, on the wall where he land Cause Megaboo's secret, he's Spider-Man. Megaboo smirks, just cause he can Megaboo walks, back to his homeland Gas is too high, so Megaboo's thumbin' Megaboo don't see, that Hummer comin' Now Megaboo's flat, just like Megaboo's gal And the moral of this story is don't take pre-cal. Cause if you do, your brain will go crazy and you could end up writing poetry like this for some bizarre lady's website. The End.

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Here is a collaboration I did with a good friend:

LILACS & SPECTRES { artwork a combo between Keith Herek and me, and poetry is mine. Enjoy!

 This is my friend, Dianna's original poem.

I didn't have time yet to come up with art to accompany it, but maybe later I can write a song! Here is Dianna's ORIGINAL poem!

{Thanks Di!!!!!!!!!!!}


poetry by Di:

Original Poetry

Ok then.
That's my original poem above.  Can you post it?  I know it only says "ok then", but the meaning is very very deep (much deeper than the song I wrote you when you had the cast on your arm).  The meaning of my "ok then" poem is like.....well.....how can I describe it?  Ok, I'll try.
It's like....
I love you Terri.
Ok then.
UPDATE:  Feb 16th
Original Poem by "Megaboo"
submitted on Feb 15th, 2007 { email address with-held by request}
Fish Lips
by Megaboo { written 2006, on a night after being dumped by my girlfriend}
  Kissed by fish lips....
 That's what I''ll call her.
 cold and unfeeling-- she left me gasping like a fish for air.
 Cold and scaly--that's her heart.
  Besides that, she smelled bad.