Get ready for our HANNAH MONTANA / MILEY CYRUS page!

I just want to say, WOW....what a great kid Miley Cyrus is! Fresh and vivacious and still sweet and caring and not conceited! PLEASE, PLEASE, MILEY....NEVER grow up to be and act like *BRITNEY SPEARS* !!!!!!!!!! GAK!

The Tampa Concert {last night / Monday, November 19th}'07, was great! I went as a parent...and all the while I knew we were 4 very priveledged people who were blessed/lucky enough to have tickets { and GOOD ones too, I might add}, and though I think it was a bit ridiculous and outrageous what some were paying to get tickets, and the furor over it all was silly...I still appreciated that people love their kids and most parents/guardians do what they are able to make some of their dreams come true. It was sweet watching the MOMMIES sing and dance along with their girls, and the Daddies seeking eye contact with other Daddies all smug with their EAR PLUGS!:) All in all, the concert was terrific, and Oh....yes, The Jonas Brothers will also be featured on this page. Again...I tout MILEY.....that very talented little girl, and especially liked her plug to "adopt a classroom", and appreciation for TEACHERS. Disney has brought forth Ms Montana, and it will be nice watching MILEY emerge from the DISNEY COCOON.....and again I only hope she makes wise choices and never becomes trashy like *YOU KNOW WHO*.

WATCH FOR PHOTOS AND VIDEOS FROM CONCERT SOON: I DIGIMARC MY PHOTOS and that takes some time...but I do not take too fondly of my copyrighted photos showing up on other sites or being sold on merchandise {Kids uploading for their own use is fine} so digimarc'ing helps me locate illegal use of my photos, which protects the people I take shots of. Thanks for your patience. MadMaven