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If you have been researching diets and finally decided the Lo-Carb way is the avenue you want to travel, chances are, like me, finding foods that are lo-carb is a challenge, IF you have A.D.D. {again, like me} and find it hard to focus on all the details of following a prescribed -detail oriented diet. I get bored reading long drawn out diet books, so I just browse and read interesting sites on the web and skip thru my Atkins book occasionally and mostly I just go to the Atkins carb counter and type in the food I want info on and do things my way. IN this page you will find recipes and products that I have discovered and even created, as well as links to excellent sites that I enjoyed and think you might like. First of all, here is a link to a great Carb counter: carbcounter

Here now are a few things that I have found that are 0 carbs or at least VERY low. Believe me, you will eventually feel as if you've eaten a small herd of farm animals and relish finding ANYTHING that is NOT meat, so hopefully some of these things help you as you travel down lo-carb avenue.

TAB ENERGY DRINKS : I rate these as Frickin'Fantastic! 0 CARBS, a bit pricy, but that's the current trend now, call it an energy drink and tack on a high price. But again, it's fabulous, and some of the more interesting ingredients are: vegetable juice, lots of vitamins, guarana extract { hope that's not like Guano}:), and ginseng, and of course caffeine.

Arizona DIET teas: They have 0 carbs, and I love them all, various flavors, sold in smaller glass bottles { not small really}, but they sell the huge jugs too, so in comparison...:) I especially love BLUEBERRY. Don't forget tea is an anti-oxident, so drink up!

ARIZONA lo-carb energy drink. I rate it FANTASTIC, and it has 2 servings in a can { so they say}, and 6 carbs per can. Nice flavor!

ONE OF MY FAVE CHEATS: OMG, LADIES, listen up! That time of month bring you to your knees begging for CHOCOLATE?????????? YEAH, Some Men like Chocolate too, but it's not a genetic necessity that turns you into a frothing lunatic so I am addressing the lunatic fringe that has monthly chocolate mania. CANFIELD DIET CHOCOLATE FUDGE SODA !!!!!!!!! OhhhhMomma! Can you say 0 carbs???? Has also 0 sodium, 0 calories, 0 fat, 0 caffeine. It's carbonated....not to link carbonated with carbohydrates...:) again, 0.....ZERO carbohydrates! Like a delightful melted carbonated fudgesicle. You will feel sinfully indulgent. These may be hard to find. Tell your grocer to stock them or else you'll shop elsewhere! I find them in SWEET BAY grocery chain {formerly called Kash-n-Karry}.

SUGAR FREE JELLO: OMG, I used to hate the very sight of jello. JELLO brand, { i learned the other store brands were RUBBERY and nasty /in my opinion} already made in small cups in refridgerated section of store: these are 0 carbs, and they are my friends. I love this squishy-squashy-colorful slop so much and am so greatful it exists. It's also great for your skin and bones, and I have almost no cartelege in my knees and my buddy, Peggy sent an article showing how excellent it is {gelatin} for cartelege!{ and joints}

Feel free to email and send YOUR recipes and product suggestions and I will add to this page and give you proper credit!

Here is a recipe that I shall name: PSYCHOTAKI

recipe by MadMaven, with a special thank you to Nurse Laura for telling me about SHIRATAKI NOODLES!!!!! I love you, Laura!

PASTA....ahhhhhh, that's my weakness. On this diet, I cannot even say, hey...I'll just eat a measured portion of spaghetti....coz there would be no stopping me once I got started. So avoidance is all I can do with pastas and rice! This recipe gives you back that I'm eating pasta-nanny-nanny boo-boo strike back. First: you need to find the SHIRATAKI NOODLES. Here is a link that may help you:shirataki

Now, here is a picture of the Shirataki Noodles, which is a great help when you go on a mission to find them. Nurse Laura told me PUBLIX { a Florida grocery chain} has them but foolish me, knowing SWEET BAY had my Fudge soda, went there. They did NOT have the Shirataki, BUT..the produce manager took the name and promised she'd start stocking them so do this at your fave grocery and maybe they'll stock them. If not, maybe find a new fave grocery!:)

Now, here is a photo of my culinary { *smirks*}creation, PSYCHOTAKI { they used to call me Psychoterri}


1/2 cup raw cabbage

1/2 onion

1 small tomato

1/2 cup fresh mushrooms

1 stick butter { that's right- 1 whole stick}

1 pound ground beef

1 or 2 pinches of grated cheese {the 0 carb cheeses} and there are many.

1 package shirataki noodles { drain them and set aside}

seasonings: { you can choose your own, but I used 0 carb WEBER Chicago steak grinder spice} and some salt to taste. A little garlic powder and black pepper, and I added a whole buncha red pepper flakes, but that's just me. You may omit and substitute seasonings but be very careful...some seasonings are very surprisingly high in carbs and sodium.

How to make Psychotaki:

Have the shirataki noodles draining and set aside...{rinsed if you wanna}. I used two pans { no-stick skillets} In one pan, I browned the ground beef and after it was 80% cooked, added the shredded cabbage. I drained it and set it aside. In other pan, I added the stick of butter, and onions, cooking onions maybe 3 minutes on medium heat, then added mushrooms. I sauteed these and added all seasonings except parmesan cheese. I then added the ground beef and cabbage, then stirred about a minute, then added the drained noodles and mixed them in well. Remove from heat, drain in a strainer,and add the grated cheese. Voila'! Makes approx 4 servings, if normal for you is approx 1 cup. If you decide to eat the entire pan, the entire carb amount is approx: 22.1 carbs! I have no idea what the shirataki keep time is, so I cannot advise you to freeze and store left-overs, but once you make this you may find ways to make lesser amounts, but if you do eat it all....hey, you ate like a hawg but only had 22.1 carbs! Not bad...so go wipe your chin and wash it all down with a Tab energy drink!:)

OH...by the way, my website is NOT SPONSERED by ANYBODY, or ANY PRODUCT. Just me. So any endorsement of a product is strictly because I like them and want to, just like if I think a product sucks, I will say so. { watch soon for some new additions to this page} including alcoholic beverages ala lo-carb.

Here is a link, if you have never been to one of the most intelligent, witty and knowlegable Lo-Carb expert's site,

This guy and his wife are a tremendous wealth of inspiration and brains, so you are cheating yourself if you do not visit his website!

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: awww man, sorry to say that alcohol is just best to AVOID when dieting. Think of the brain cells it's burning....but alas, if you want to join in with some social activity and drinking is just too tough to resist, there is hope. Uh.....before you drink....did you know that the body will burn alcohol for energy BEFORE it burns FAT for energy? Therefore...even if you drink a 0 carb alcoholic drink, you may as well figure you've stagnated the whole day as far as dieting. Maybe not gaining, but you will certainly SLOW or even STOP the fat burning for the day. Having said that, I'll move on and give you some drinks that you can lossen up with...{if not your belt buckles, your inhibitions.....uh.....though sometimes the belt buckles loosen if you do that too.....{nevermind}.... VODKA : Always check the labels! Some, particularly those yummy FLAVORED vodkas will have carbs! MOST VODKA is 0 carbs!!!!!!!!!!! Find a 0 carb vodka and mix it with CRYSTAL LIGHT drinks, powder form mixes OR in the bottle/ready made Crystal light. There is a citrus one that tastes like SUNNY DELIGHT and YUM, I am thinking next time I splurge with the urge, I will be making a vodka and crystal light martini....a psychotini.....:)

Also, I heard from my hair-dresser { Thanks Lisa}, that ROLLING ROCK has a VERY tasty lo-carb beer! It's called Rock Green Light.

New discoveries: DIET CHERRY DROP soda by SHASTA 0 carbs, tastes great!