One of my all time fave celebrities in the world is JOE BOB BRIGGS! If you don't know him, it sucks to be you!:) But you can learn more about this gorgeous hunk by clicking the following links.....{after I get finished raving about him I will add the links.} Joe Bob is a handsome male chauvinist hunk. {just like I like em!} I adding a photo of Joe Bob Briggs that doesn't belong to me, {it's his}, and he will hafta write me and say take my photo off your site! or I am leaving it....because all women should get to see this fantasy fodder....I can no longer be selfish! I have had some emailing back and forth a coupla times contact with Joe Bob {*swoons}, and he even sent me a copy of "I Spit on your grave" / AUTOGRAPHED, and even told me I am a drive-in kind of gal! How cool izzat? My hand is still tingling from touching this DVD just knowing he touched it. You too can experience this thrill if you buy something from him on his website! You might need to ask him if he will autograph it though. I am hoping that I can send him so many sales that he might send me a NEW photograph in a skimpy thong! When you send him fan mail, please be sure to tell Joe Bob to send MadMaven a photo of himself in a skimpy thong!!!!!!!!!! If you help ME....I will help YOU by posting that pic on my site and we can all swoon together! Here's Joe Bob Briggs and his site links:

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