One complaint I have for Styx is : Ya never play anything anymore from BRAVE NEW WORLD! I think you should always work that into your tours! What an under-rated album that is! Title track and it's reprise is some of the very best of Styx and HEAVY WATER is a kick-ass jammin' song! Thankfully we did see it at their Cypress Gardens concert.

UPDATE: Feb 19th / I am adding 2 new STYX pics for you today!

newcomers: scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN, for all the shots}. I will add more STYX photos....probably 2-3 a check back often!


UPDATED: Feb 4, 2007:

Ahhhhh, The concert....

{ at Sailor Circus Arena in Sarasota,

Fl on Feb 2nd, 2007} *sigh* This event

was a fund raiser and the arena was a ragged

 little fire-trap place, { which was why they

were having a fund raiser:)

Security allowed NO CAMERAS and so,....after

 whining and complaining and almost crying,

 we trudged back to lock my trusty Dig-Rebel

 in my car. Enroute, we stopped at the gates,

where we stood,chatting with the

security guards and staring at the STYX buses.

 We were dressed in our Styx

garb...even the kids, { ages 6 and 7}

{ and allow me to brag a minute:}

 My kids have seen Styx 4 times now!

They watch videos of Styx and can name

 every member without hesitation.

My little girl squealed:

"There's Tommy and Jy!" and we all strained

 to see them as they walked from the bus

 to the "green room".

A bit later...

{ yes....we did all stand there like

 obsessed, pathetic, stalker fans and

watch for quite awhile...{and proudly}..

..and it paid off because lo and behold,

 Tommy walked by again and we yelled

"TOMMY!" and he looked out at us and

waved{ He is NOT stuck on himself at

 all...and unlike a few other celebs I have

 met, he appreciates his fans and is gracious

 and just wonderful. I say this for all the

 current Styx members,

{though their bus driver is a snothead.}

 Later it was getting darker,

 CHUCK Panazzo walked outside the

"green room/break area", and was standing

 there talking on his cell phone.

We were waving and graciously,

 he waved back with a nice

smile...and I snapped a few shots

 but distance and approaching darkness

made the shots grainy. I am posting

them anyway, so look below and you'll

 see the pathetic update on this show.

 Read a bit more and allow me to say

 this: If you have never seen Styx in

concert, RUN, don't the next

 one if opportunity comes to your town!

 ENERGY! They give such amazing

energy and put heart-n-soul into their

show. I learned something this night.

NOT being allowed to have my

Canon Rebel, I realized how much I

really miss from being behind the camera.

I was forced to sit-n-sulk,

and really watch the show...with

 my own eyes. I was agog at how

much I have missed at all their shows

 because I am always trying to snap

 that perfect shot.


 Pardon my language. But I saw just

how much of the soul of this band that

 he really is, and I am in awe.

He is definitely the heart of the

 band that pumps the blood thru

 to all. Each member is just incredible,

and I can sit here and babble endlessly

 about their greatness. GO SEE STYX!!!!!!

STYX is the greatest! If you don't like em, you are a weenie!

play it Tommy!