Under construction: This page is for P.J.Olsson.

One of the most personable and gracious people I have ever met is P.J.Olsson. Fame has NOT gone to his head. Down to earth, compassionate and obviously a devoted family man, P.J.'s life spins madly but always with a gravitational pull back to his wife and children. He is truly idolized by my children. This is their second time to spend some time talking to P.J. and he always makes them feel special. The crowd mobbed poor PJ as he met with us after last night's show, but nevertheless, he was gracious and accomodating to all. As the rest of the Alan Parson's Live Project busied themselves behind the secured fences at Vinoy Park in Saint Petersburg, Florida, P.J. braved the crowd and "escaped" security to chat with appreciative fans. Thanks P.J.! You are our favorite!

We have other photos with P.J. on our Alan Parson's page, and I will be adding a huge buncha photos from last night's concert. I decided that P.J. Olsson deserves his own page so I hope you all will visit his official website and buy some of his FANTASTIC music!

Visit P.J.'s official website here:pjollson