Welcome to MadMaven's Steely fan page!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the music on the jukebox, all Steely Dan stuff { click the arrow to see the available songs-I put a whole buncha-buncha good ones! My very fave songs by Steely Dan.....hmmm, how can I choose just one? I sincerely love anything and every thing by Steely Dan. But if I must choose favorites, DON'T TAKE ME ALIVE, AJA, SIGN IN STRANGER, THE ROYAL SCAM......./ahhh I could keep writing......Steely Dan music is like eating potato chips....or godiva chocolates.....how do you stop with only one or two?:)

The following photos are copyrighted and DIGIMARC'ED, and may not be copied, sold, or altered in any way. I took the shots to share with all my fellow Steely Dan Fans, not to exploit and make money from them. I do not sell photos or distribute. Thanks!

The photos are from their Heavy Rollers 2007 tour. If it rolls into your town, my advice to you is GET SOME TICKETS ASAP / you do NOT want to miss a chance to see them, so run, do not walk. Let me tell you, they will give you chills with the good old songs and open your ears to their newer tunes, which are very ambient and classy!

Here is a link to the Official Steely Dan site/tour info and another link to a great site that you can read up on this great band.